We understand that every enterprise faces unique challenges. We work with you to tailor our approach, design, and delivery to your unique needs.


Every enterprise is a series of experiences. Experiences matter. Together they create meaning. Clarity, repeatability, experienced value. This is how you are remembered. Craft your identity systematically - experience by experience.


Your culture defines the upper limit of your organisation's innovation capacity. Conditions are everything. Self-awareness. Your adaptability relies on your culture.

Emerging Systems (Emergence)

Social Enterprise. Co-operatives. Commons-based systems. These are emerging systems we co-design and execute.

Choose a place to start:

Introductory seminars and hands-on workshops

Understanding Human Centred Design, Service Design, Design Thinking and Co-Design

Introduction to Human Centred Design. We specialise in capability acquisition in design thinking, service design, co-design for non-designers. Talks, seminars, small group experiential workshop.


Clarity & Insight Visualisation Sessions

Visualise your work and get “un”-stuck

We run 1 to 3 hour insight sessions for our clients. In these sessions, you talk about what you are doing and why. We map your journey visually on a white board as a snapshot in time. Through this process, we apply both user-centred and systems-thinking design approaches to reveal both your imbedded assumptions and your potential opportunities. The outcomes are to visually represent and reveal the macro (big picture), micro (low risk, granular interventions) and most importantly, the meso (stabilised, productive, business-as-usual delivery) layers of your problem space. These sessions commonly create an insight-based perspective of what is perceived as happening, what may actually be happening and the points of intervention. The overlay of a systems-thinking approach to the user-centred approach supports the visualisation of the interdependencies in your organisation and it’s ecosystem that may influence the success or otherwise of your work. The final white boards are representations that are shareable and create a map to navigate and make different choices in your work.


Problem Space Exploration & Design Workshops

So you have a problem space and and wish to create possibilities.

This is the design jam approach. TSD are recognised as design jam masters. We have co-designed and delivered a several of Global Service Jams, Global GovJams, Global Sustainability Jams and made-to-measure jams over the last 4 years.

These can be  1/2 to 1 day workshops or 3 to 5 day deep dive workshops. Depending on your need these can be as small as 8 people or over 50 people working in teams to co-design new and valuable insight driven products or services.

We create high performance adult learning environments. Learn-by-doing. These intensive workshops support you to do user-centred research, uncover insights, prototype new services and solutions from insight, test your prototypes with your users and learn through iteration.


(un)consulting. We work side-by-side with you to resolve existing problems.

You have a real need now.

(un)consulting is our approach to discrete project-based work. We believe in relationships. Working with you creates more value than working for you. We embed with your team and work with you to find value-rich, outcome-based solutions and leave behind innovation capacity.


Taking the long view. Systematic change and adaptation of organisational capability.

The Retainer Model.

This is the extended and relational version of (un)consulting. We engage with your enterprise medium to long-term, supporting you to develop internal human-centred design and execution capacity. We understand that innovation does not happen quickly – it requires resources, support and specific conditions for success.

We co-design this with you, your customers and your stakeholders (where appropriate) to adapt your services to meet your users’ needs. This is organisational cultural change job-by-job, service-by-service. We support you to improve existing (and failing) service offerings, generate insight-driven new offerings, and to systematise your productive capacity towards an agile, responsive and adaptive future. This is full ecosystem level co-design paired with data driven process optimisation. You create your future of work through everyday, business-as-usual process improvement and behavioural change.

Build internal confidence + capability. Develop leaders.